Gnome vs. Goblin Battle Royale


What the heck is all this ruckus?!

These slimy goblin upstarts have had their greedy eyes on Azeroths’ natural resources for far too long. What would they even do with them if they got them? Probably make some horribly boring theme park where every ride just explodes every time you try ride it. (even the water rides, that’s how terrible of tinkerers they are) Ha! Take that you greasy green goofuses!

No doubt us gnomes must set these poor excuses for inventors straight. Gnomeregan style!

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Battle Details


An epic battle of Gnomes vs Goblins, in both Wargame and World GvG.


A secret location.


On June 30th at 6 PM Wyrmrest Accord Server Time. Be prepared for summon.