Here at G4, we provide a wide variety of activities and events to best suit everygnomies needs. Whether it be casual RP or Heroic Raiding, we have you covered. Listed below you will find great ways to get to know one another and grow as a team. Spread the word to all your gnomies and let’s show this World of Warcraft that we are the Champions of Gnomeregan Forever!


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Some of our members have aspirations for taking down the toughest encounters in the world. To accomplish those goals we are raid casually twice a week. Our progression raids run Sundays for about 3-4 hours starting at 3 pm PST, where we push forward, taking down bosses one by one. Our goal is to run a fun, balanced and progressing raid team. With the Legion expansion came flex raiding, allowing our raid to scale from 10 to 30 gnomes as long as we have the needed composition of roles. While we don’t demand 3-5 days of raiding a week, we still want to progress and take down bosses for gear upgrades, so understanding your class and playing efficiently is important.

We understand not everyone has been raiding for 10 years. Our officers and other guild members are here to support growth in our members and help guide them to be the best gnome they can be!

On Fridays, we host a “G4 Friends and Family Night”. This is where you have the chance to run alts through the current raid on normal, to help get them geared or just simply to have fun. Depending on the turnout, we may venture into older raids for a “Retro Raid Night” to catch up on meta achievements, unlocking mounts and getting fancy new transmogs.

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For all you leveling and max level gnomes out there, dungeon dwelling is one of the greatest ways to gear and level up. There’s this sense of greatness when running dungeons with an all gnome group. So team up and clean up. You won’t regret it.

For more info please contact our PvE Officer – Iylina


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We love to PvP! There’s a joy in teaching the Horde to respect the power of the Little People! Whether it be in Battlegrounds, Arena, or World PvP.

Our PvP is mostly centered around having fun. You might not find elite ranked arena champions with uber gear here, as you might in a more dedicated PvP guild. But you will find Gnomes who wont back down in the face of Horde aggression, and who enjoy the occasional Battleground and maybe even an Arena partner that’s just your size!

To enlist, please contact our PvP Officer – GeegeeBoltz


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Gnomeregan Forever was created on a role-playing server. Although we are not a deep, immersive RP guild, we do however love to band together, creating events and just flat out have fun in the open world. Most of our players RP casually on a day to day basis, with the occasional, full fledged RP events throughout the year. We are always open for new ideas and enjoy the site of a multitude of gnomes gathering for sheer fun.