The Battle For Azeroth Begins

Today we march into battle, avenging the ones we have lost and making our stand against the Horde. Raise your weapons, Gnomes, for the Alliance and FOR GNOMEREGAN!!!!!

Gnome Dance Party!

Gnomes of G4 put on our dancing shoes on Sunday’s raid and brought some pizzazz to Antorus…and the Auction house!


For Gnomeregan!

Gnomes Celebrate Canada Day

In celebration of Canada Day, gnomes took on Antorus on Sunday sporting red and white!


And no celebration would be complete without mooses…meeses…meese? Many a moose!


Calling All Gnomes!


Prepare for Battle! It’s time for Round 2 of Battle Royale and to show those goblin upstarts just what gnome powah is all about!

Our very own Forbidra has been kidnapped by those devilish green Gobos!! Come fight and help with the rescue. For Gnomeregan!

When: June 30th (Saturday), 6 pm PST

Ready for battle? Click here for more info or contact Geegeeboltz.

Gnomeregan “Black” Ops


Antorus was beseiged on Sunday by the dark raiders of G4 – Gnomeregan “Black” Ops! We swiftly took down their residents and notched up some achievements to boot!

Battle Royale – GvG

Last week saw the culmination of the conflict between Gnomes and Goblins in the epic Battle Royale event!


Those greedy Goblin upstarts had their eyes on highways, resources…and something explosive I’m sure. Peace negotiations broke down and it was time for war!

image (23)

We had a great turnout of Gnomes to put a wrench in their plans, Gnomeregan style!

image (22)

Stay tuned here for Round 2 of this battle! This is just the beginning…