Photo Laboratory


I see you found your way to G4’s library of memories. So please sit, relax and make yourself at home.

The name’s Pépé but most call me P. for ease. I’ve been with G4 since 2015 and continue to love every minute of it. Photography has been a passion of mine for quite some time now and because of it, I was appointed as the official Field Photographer for this family, I call gnome.

My mission is to capture as many moments as I can and share them all with you, so you too can enjoy the epic sense of accomplishment, joy and immense love we have for all gnomekind here at G4.

Below you will find a series of albums I have put together for your viewing needs. Feel free to browse and enjoy all the memories we have to share.  I look forward to capturing many more in the future to come.

Whether it be in the open world or at an event, keep in mind that if you see me, I’m probably taking pictures so be sure to smile and say cheese.

Pépé Tinkershell



New Years Eve Dance Party 2018
unknown (60)
Retro Raid Night