Talk Like A Pirate Day Party

Ahoy me hearties and well met!

Gnomeregan Forever of Wyrmrest Accord is hosting a Talk Like a Pirate Day Party on Sept 19th, 2018 at 6pm pst.

Set sail for Booty Bay in yer piratey best and have a chance to win prizes in our transmog contest.

Bring your swashbucklin’ themed pets and take a stab at some pirate on pirate pet battling.

Or tip back a tankard of ale with Captain Tootbeard while sharing a few tales of adventure with the crew.

Gnomeregan Forever will provide free spirits and the savory deviate delights, along with all contests and prizes, but best of all… Gnomes! So come on down ye scurvy dogs and show us yer mogs. Let’s talk like a Pirate and smell like one too.