Forbidra Forever

A Champion Of The Gnome Cause

Forbidra (also known as Forbs for short, no pun intended) founded Gnomeregan Forever on Wyrmrest Accord in 2010 with a vision of building an all-gnome guild the likes of which Azeroth had never seen, to provide a welcoming home to all players that identified with gnomes. He saw the guild as a way he could inspire players with a love for the gnomes to band together to make sure Blizzard kept its shortest class top of mind. His unmatched passion for the gnomes is evidenced in this interview with Turwinkle.

At the time, gnomes were seen by many as a “joke” race, resulting in many gnome punting jokes and head pats for those of us who played them. But Forbs worked tirelessly over the years to change that—from lobbying hard for gnome relevance in game (and getting all of us to also do so)—to relentlessly asking Blizzard employees for more gnome content. In doing so, we have all learned that with determination, respect and a dream, anything is possible. 

His Passing

Mid December 2018, we learned our beloved friend and Gnomeregan Forever founder had passed away. This news came as a surprise to most and very much unexpected by others. For him though, we believe he saw it coming and in the year leading up to his passing, he reinforced the leadership team by hand picking those he deemed fit to carry on his dream and vision. Over the course of his journey for the past eight years as the GM of G4, his impact on the gnomish community within the World of Warcraft and beyond has surpassed greatness. He will always be remembered for his passion and big heart. Forbs had an all inclusive attitude towards gnome players of all walks of life and his vision of this civilian militia of gnomes was to get us our home of Gnomeregan back. 

And at no time have I suggested that G4 participate in the Alliance’s war with the Horde. In fact I have stated the opposite numerous times.”

In the process, he’s given us a home greater than any could have imaged. A place we can live among our own and fight for our existence.

Well as I have tried to get across multiple times, an RP guild needs an IC persona, a raison d’être, if you will. A reason why hundreds of Gnomes would come together to form an organization that makes sense within the lore. And this is the key point.

Does it make sense within the lore for hundreds of Death Knights, Warlocks and Warriors to come together to host Steam Tonk Tournaments and put on Fireworks shows? No, it doesn’t. These fun things we do to celebrate our birthdays and this stuff might define who we are as a guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server, but they are completely out of character for powerful heroes.

Does it make sense within the lore for hundreds of Gnome Monks, Rogues, Priests and Mages to come together to support the High Tinker and help bring about the liberation of Gnomeregan? Yes, it makes perfect in-character sense for them to do so. And this is (and I want to stress always has been) G4’s charter. “

His Legacy

We will never forget how Forbidra stood tall..well not too tall, as a champion for gnomish players with Blizzard and in the WoW community. We invite you to visit all the great memories everygnomie has shared on Twitter using the #ForbidraForever hashtag. We’ve also created photo albums to remember and cherish our time spent together, that you can view by clicking here.  

Now go and show them what we are made of. For Gnomeregan!

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“That’s an order. Dismissed!”