Our Team


The leaders of G4 fulfill a variety of roles and responsibilities to help improve all gnomes experience in Azeroth and beyond.

Commanding Officer – Tsumari   

PvP Officer – Geegeeboltz

PvE Officer – Iylina

Livestreamer – Manatorque

Banker – Anexxia

Discord Jockey – Rockrock & Rollroll

Field Photographer & WebgineerPépé


The ranks in G4 help organize our members so they know what their responsibilities and capabilities are. Here is a list of all of our ranks and what they mean:

Commanding Officer – Guild Leader

Executive Officer – Second in command

Lieutenant – Officer

Ensign – Full Member

Private – 3+ months of service but not max level

Recruit – Newly joined

Probationer – Please contact an Officer. STAT!



For the full guild roster and achievements click here